Enjoy 6 Months No Rent

Combi-Boiler + $1650 Enbridge Rebate

What are the benefits of renting
Combi-Boiler from Reliance Home Comfort?

Peace of mind
rest easy knowing your boiler is backed by Reliance expertise and quality

No repair bills
all equipment repairs, parts and labour required as a result of normal use are included throughout the life of the rental equipment*

Guaranteed service
count on our large network of friendly, licensed technicians provides expert service

FREE equipment replacement
should it be unrepairable following normal use*

95% AFUE-efficient units
offering you energy savings for both heat and domestic hot water

No up-front equipment costs
just one predictable monthly charge

Boilers, Combi-Tankless Boilers Rental Packages

Why Combi – Boiler?

What is a boiler?
A boiler, or a boiling heating system, heats liquid – usually water – which is then pumped through radiators or other radiant heating devices to heat your home, it can also provide hot water for your kitchen, bathrooms and clothes washing.
Here are just a few of the ways a hot water boiler can make you more comfortable at home:
Radiant-style heating: Connect your boiling system to decorative and efficient panel radiators, which heat and quickly dry your bathroom towels while they heat the whole room.
Toasty floors: Underfloor tubing can be laid under most finished floor materials and connected to your boiler heating system to deliver “invisible” heat to your floors – no more cold feet as you walk through your home!
Melt your driveway: Following the same principle as underfloor tubing, you can automatically turn on and circulate heat to melt snow or ice at the entrances to your home – reducing shoveling and making it safer to walk.
The spa treatment: Indoor and outdoor swimming pools as well as hot tubs can be heated with your boiler system – while never mixing with pool or spa water

The benefits of a boiler
• In addition to being incredibly energy efficient, a boiler can be the ideal home heating solution. Boilers can provide hot water to heat your home in a variety of ways, including radiators and small radiant baseboards, as well as clean hot water for domestic use such as showers or laundry.
• Energy-smart: Radiant heating is more effective at transferring heat to people, therefore you can normally keep your home colder and feel just as warm – helping you minimize your heating bill and the impact on our environment.
• Consistent heat: With a fully modulating boiler pump that uses only as much energy as needed and a modulating gas valve that responds to small temperature changes, you’ll experience a consistent level of warmth – and steady savings.
• Space-saving: Compact wall-mounted “combi” designs, which provide heating and hot water in one package, can be easily retrofitted in existing or new homes.

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