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Gas Pro Heating & AC installs and services industry-leading rooftop heating and cooling units, including high-quality brands like Carrier, Dakin, Lennox and York.

Rooftop is a package system installed on the roof of a business or large building. These units are designed to provide efficient single or multi-zone heating, cooling and ventilation for commercial businesses and are common throughout GTA.

rooftop heating and cooling units

What Are the Advantages of a Rooftop Unit?

  • High energy performance. Usually, these types of systems have a variety of controls that gives you more precise temperature control and reduce energy use.
  • Air quality advantages. In case you decide to install a humidistat, for example, you can also control the humidity of the place. The system naturally adds other ventilation options, allowing you to always have fresh air within your site.
  • Easy maintenance. The units of rooftop heating are easy to access and work with.
  • Saves space. Since the entire system is placed on the roof, you save space and can optimize space that can be used for extra storage and workplaces.

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